Hello and Welcome to my website. Toxicate is a CFA registered cattery established in 2009 and located in San Diego, California. I specialize in quality Exotics which are the shorthaired version of the Persian cat. I'm focused on raising quality Exotics for showing and breeding, and I show exclusively in CFA.

First and foremost, I'd like to thank Jeanne Snyder of Purfurvid for her friendship, continued and valued advice and mentorship, as well as for my beautiful website. I'd like to give my heartfelt thanks to the breeders that have generously placed their gorgeous babies with me that I cherish so much. They include Jean Green of Steeplechase, Penni Richter of Parti Wai Ex, Kim Gerhardt of Kimpawsible, Christy Miller of Candirand, Kathleen Holahan of Calivan, Caroline Yu and Lee Hong of Peking, Shere Crossman of Sunsoar, Susannah Moore of Kissables, Irina Samuolene of Dark Diamond, Peter Rogers III of Validian, Rosanna Simonelli of Arcobaleno, Frederic Gaspard of D'Eden Lover, John Passet of Sugarspun and others. I'd also like to thank both Jeanne Snyder of Purfurvid and Penni Richter of Parti Wai Ex for encouraging me (well, badgering me) into participating in this wonderful hobby that celebrates my longtime love of Exotics!

Please check out my Show News to see what I'm up to!

Tracey Dalton

CFA Exotic Breed Council & Persian Breed Council Member
CFA Exotic Breed Council Member