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 Updated October 18, 2016

NEW SHIPPING NOTICE: No kitten/cats sold specifically as a companion pet can be shipped after November 18, 2013. Per USDA requirements going into effect on that date, most animals intended as pets must be seen by the buyer in person prior to final sale. Because of this change, pet buyers must pick up their pet kitten/cat in person, either from my home or from a cat show I'm attending. Contact me for more information.

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Retired Persians (exotics longhair) available.  Please email for information.  Video below.  
Both have their summer coat (Lion Cut).  Both are extremely friendly, loving.  
Both girls sleep with me every night.  Pushy is a lap cat, loves to be held and licks constantly.  
Halloweenee is a little more aloof, but sleeps with me every single night.    Cost of spay + shipping.

Halloween Candi

Brown Patch Tabby-White Exotic Spayed Female - AVAILABLE
Extremely Friendly --
Eats from your hand ONLY!! Home will be vetted carefully!
Only eats dry food
2 year old spay.....Absolute lover